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Most expensive bicycle saddles by Crown Saddle

By Adrian Prisca


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If you own an expensive bike, made out of carbon fiber or titanium, or covered in leather, or even 24-carat gold plated, these stylish bike saddles from Crown Saddle will be the perfect accessory to go with them. Apart from the fact that these saddles look great, they’re also really comfortable and eco friendly in the same time. The downside is probably that these are the world’s most expensive bicycle saddles right now.

They come in three different designs, with three different names, of course. The first one is the Konig Friedrich; its production is limited to 80 pieces, being crafted in fiber and comprising a gold-plated artwork, giving it a touch of bling, lightweight and pretty eye-catching.

The second one, the Graf Ludwig saddle, can come with platinum, rhodium or gold plating, by customer request, and is by far the heaviest of the three. It’s made of dual hued napple leather, colored in grey and white, with double stitching. It also comes in a big array of colors, depending on the customer’s desire.

The last but not the least is called Herzog Ebhart. Like the first one, it comes in a limited edition of 80 pieces. Concerning weight, it’s situated among the other two, weighing around 93 grams. It’s the most exquisite of them all, based on carbon fiber, with nappal leather accents and gold work visible all over it.

These exquisite pieces boast Kevlar and carbon-fiber bases, with double-stitched leather finishing and gold artwork and plating. The price range per piece is set between $1,772 and $2,550. So, get them while they’re still available.


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