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Mini Remastered is David Brown’s Perfect Little Car

By Victor Baker


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Mini Remastered

In a time when hyper-cars are taking over the world by storm, David Brown Automotive has decided to go in a different direction and might have come up with the next best thing: the Mini Remastered. This isn’t what most of us would consider as a brand new car, but the top-end version of this iconic car comes right now with modern features and luxury touches that would make any driver smile.

According to the people at David Brown Automotive, this is the ultimate classic Mini. Each unit will be built by hand, starting with new body panels and a strengthened with bespoke structural beams, and even though we have no performance figures to talk about yet, there are rumors that the car’s 1,275cc engine has been completely rebuilt and delivers a lot more power right now, which makes this Mini the perfect toy car.

Mini Remastered

The four-speed manual gearbox obviously went through some upgrades as well, and the cabin required improved sound insulation too. Each car benefits from extensive sound-proofing features, while the upgraded suspension and braking systems will offer thrilling experiences. From an aesthetic point of view the custom aluminum grilles and full LED rear light clusters remind you of old-school racing cars, and comfort hasn’t been sacrificed at all.

On the inside, you will find hand-trimmed upholstery featuring British hides, painted metal, and fabric finishes, while a set of bespoke seats, retro Smith dials, a Moto-Lita steering wheel and a beautifully-finished cup holder are also part of the exclusive package. It takes 1,000 man hours for each Mini Remastered, and there’s no point in asking if you really want one.

Mini Remastered

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