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Mexico’s Mar Adentro Raises The Luxury Bar Way Too High

By Victor Baker


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Mar Adentro

Be gentle and allow me to take a deep breath, as I stumble upon my own words and try do describe this stunning hotel. Nestled just a few minutes away from all the action in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico, Mar Adentro offers a beautiful and hopefully a probable glimpse of the future. This spectacular retreat shows off a bold design, mixing polished glass, clean lines and a charming white decor into a stunning waterfront setting – is it just me, or there’s somewhat of a Star Trek vibe about this place? Beam me up, Scotty!

Every single one of the marvelous 110 guest accommodations was designed as a luxurious cube, each of them packing bespoke white linens, light wood flourishes and a cool minimalist style that’s beyond all your expectations. When the sun sets, the entire place comes to life as an advanced lighting system adds colors to the darkness, and everything is controlled via a keypad or tablet.

Mar Adentro

As you would expect, Mar Adentro will keep guests on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the sublime services here, while the hotel’s modern facilities and the serene views of the ocean will mesmerize you all day long. A fully-featured gym, two oceanfront pools, a lovely lounge cinema and the opulent Mar Abierto Spa, will do their best to make sure you will remember this place forever.

And if you love music and art, the regular live performances at Mar Adentro will make your evenings here even better. Sailing, hiking, and nature walks are always on offer, although I was thinking about spending more time indoors at this magical retreat.

Mar Adentro

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