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McLaren MP4-12C “Art Car” by Hamann

By Adrian Prisca


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Currently on display at a local BMW dealership in Vienna, the tuned McLaren MP4-12C you can see here was garnished with a paintjob that resembles the BMW GT2 Art Car by Jeff Koons. A slightly modified version of the Hamann memoR MP4-12C, it is exhibited alongside a Hamann Tycoon Evo M, a tweaked up BMW X6 M, and a Hamann Range Rover Evoque Widebody.

This superb MP4-12C has received functional and exterior upgrades inspired by the GT3 and the McLaren F1, as well as a complete remake in the line of the F1. A stalwart front splitter was mounted on the McLaren, as well as upper and side wheel arch forced ventilation, a huge rear wing, roof scoop, extended rear diffuser and new side skirts.

An extremely large, protrusive component is the brand new rear fender which runs from the rear window to the wheel arch. In addition, the width of the tail got enlarged and was tied to a newly designed diffuser, while a triple exhaust was also implemented alongside new side pods.

The staggering exterior has received a new glossy black paintjob with red racing stripes all across the car and a brand new set of wheels measuring 21 inches in diameter.


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