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Master & Dynamic’s MW60 GQ Headphones will make some noise

Master & Dynamic MW60 GQ

Seeing GQ and Bloomingdales working together is a treat in itself, but when the team behind Master & Dynamic decided to join in as well, you know you’re in for something magical. A limited-edition series of custom-painted headphones has been revealed at Bloomingdales, as part of GQ’s 60th anniversary celebration, and they’re called Master & Dynamic MW60 GQ Headphones – simple, yet seductive.

The well known audio company has refined its MW60 wireless headphones for GQ, which now show off luxe navy leather and a chic racing stripe on the outer ear. It will cost you $550 to order your very own set, but I think it’s safe to assume you will feel good about joining in on the celebration.

Master & Dynamic MW60 GQ

The anniversary GQ60 collection also comprises several menswear pieces for the iconic American man and features many styles from some of Bloomingdale’s favorite brands. These headphones seem to fit right in, looking all comfortable and making a powerful statement, while honoring GQ’s iconic logo.

Designed for hours and hours of usage, Master & Dynamic’s W60 Wireless Over-Ear headphones were built with only the finest materials and fine tuned to seduce even the pickiest of customers. And now thanks to GQ you get to enjoy your favorite tunes in the most astounding of ways, while looking stylish and cool. Who dares say no to that?

Master & Dynamic MW60 GQ


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