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Master & Dynamic’s MW07 True Wireless Earphones Got a New Color Palette

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless 1

The new MW07 True Wireless earphones from the acclaimed New York-based audio company Master & Dynamic have received three additional colorways to impress future customers. The new color palette includes White Marble, Pink Coral and Piano Black, with premium handcrafted acetate for a superb finish.

The handcrafted acetate, used mostly for sunglasses and eyewear, gives these earphones a lovely, durable look, that’s complemented by these stunning shades. Master & Dynamic’s MW07 True Wireless Earphones might be priced at a good $299, but you get what you pay for.

The stainless steel charging case provides up to 14 hours of listening time, while the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity is the best you can have right now. Then there’s the comfort and personalized slim fit so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music in the best way possible.

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless 4

The drivers inside the MW07 True Wireless Earphones are Beryllium 10 mm custom, with proprietary silicone ‘Fit Wings’, innovative antenna technology and optical sensors to detect if these small earphones are in your ear so they can play or pause automatically.

The battery life of the earphones goes up to 3.5 hours when fully charged, and the additional 10.5 hours of play time provided by the charging case can be charged to 50% in only 15 minutes via a USB-C cable. Nothing but good news from Master & Dynamic!

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless 3


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