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Maserati unveiled the new Maserati GranTurismo Sport

By Adrian Prisca


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We got a beast of a car here for you, preceding its launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Supercar manufacturer Maserati presented the GranTurismo Sport a couple of weeks in advance of the renowned event. The 5-year old model had a little bit of upgrading done, going on with Maserati’s tradition of offering the best to its clients.

Until the new Quattroporte versions are ready to be released, they’ve presented this latest model they’ve carefully planned, a replacement for the GranTurismo S. It is in fact the middle class between the simple GranTurismo and the GranTurismo MC supercar.

Its most significant upgrade was done to the roaring thing under the hood – the 4.7-liter V8’s power has been increased from 434 to 460 HP, setting the model somewhere under the old 16HP-more MC and GranCabrio Sport. Those are in the waiting list for upgrades soon to come.

The car’s aggressiveness has been accentuated on the outside as well, via bigger air apertures on both sides of the front grille, accompanied by LED headlamps with darkened tails. The interior also received a few changes, now sporting new front and rear seats and a new steering wheel.

The car will have its major debut at Geneva, in a few weeks. Until we find out more regarding the price and availability, check the additional photos we provided. The car is simply gorgeous, admit it!


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