Marcel Wanders’ Monster Face Chairs

Here’s something we shall definitely post on the site – the Monster Chair is a staggering fixture worthy of the nomination “work of art”. It’s not actually beautiful, it’s just extremely weird and pretty much anesthetic.

It is dazzling this piece, not gorgeous, but stunning. It fits daring characters and just a few homes can be actually “garnished” with such a piece. It would rather go with homes with gargoyles and all sorts of sinister decorations. The Monster Face Chairs clearly draw inspiration from gothic styles and were designed and manufactured by Marcel Wanders. They boast steel frames and come with or without the monster face sewed to the black synthetic leather upholstery.

Their designer and creator, Marcel Wanders, imagines: “I will be sitting on a little stool at the head of a large table, ready for an eternal dinner. Seven dark leather chairs with ferocious faces surround the table. Eight sets of silver cutlery and white porcelain plates lay amongst copious amounts of white tulips on a fresh white tablecloth with white ribbons.”