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M.A.S.S. eBike Collection Created by Philippe Starck and Moustache Bikes

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As people become more and more health-conscious and try to lead more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, they start, whenever possible, to replace car trips with bike rides. This certainly isn’t for everyone, though – you still need a reasonably good level of fitness to ride a bike even over medium distances, while hills make the effort even more substantial. Thankfully, technology is here to help once again, and this time we get electric bicycles.

World-famous French designer Philippe Starck, a man who has worked on everything from buildings to yachts, has teamed up with electric bicycle maker Moustache Bikes in order to create the M.A.S.S. collection. The range features bikes intended for all kinds of different terrain types, all of them equipped with an electric motor which can aid the rider in his or her trip.

The M.A.S.S. bikes are powered by Bosch lithium-ion batteries. Each of these tips the scales at about 5.3 pounds, can be fully charged in as little as three and a half hours, and lasts around 18 miles, though this figure is of course dependent on factors such as the terrain. The motor can operate in one of five primary modes: eco, tour, sport, turbo, or walk assist. The maximum speed this motor can achieve is 15.5 mph, while the Asphalt model can reach a very impressive 28 mph.


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