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Luxury Villa in South Africa: the Mosi House

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve already presented a whole plethora of residences in South Africa, but few of them can be put at the same scale with the exquisite Mosi House. It is a luxurious estate redesigned from 1950s residence to look as incredible as you’re about to see. The design of the spot was realized by Nico van der Meulen Architects design studio, from South Africa’s capital city, Johannesburg.

The project had at its base a single-storey home with the feel of an urban penthouse. Thus, the architects have have taken the typical 1950s residence and modernized it as much as possible. The newly-born design featured four bedrooms and huge entertainment facility.

Vertical expansion was kept in mind as well, the home boasting flat ceilings and roofs, while creating huge double-volume spaces. The project was thoroughly planned, the result being a home with separate private and public spaces. In order to gain access to the private areas, you’d have to cross a bridge over a new internal watery feature which separates the public spaces from the private ones.

The interesting creation also acts as a boundary between the study, entrance hall and the private areas. For a touch of modernism, there are sliding stacking doors opening up the building’s façade, also blurring the interior and exterior entertainment areas.

The harmony between the interior and exterior spaces of this grandiose home has been realized thanks to M Square Lifestyle Necessities, who have taken care of all of the details. They have specifically chosen every piece of furniture and decoration so that if fits the space it would have been placed in.

Furthermore, the neutral array of colors the residence has been painted with expresses warmness and coziness. To contrast with them, the company has managed to bring other accessories, like the Domino coffee table and the bold flower-pattern ottoman. In many ways, this residence is extremely inviting and light, like emanating calls to everybody that gets even a small glimpse of it.


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