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Luxurious Bell 429 Executive Helicopter Refined By MAG

By Victor Baker


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Bell 429

If you’re all about traveling in style, you will surely fall in love with the first Bell 429 executive helicopter outfitted with a new VIP interior by Macaer Aviation Group’s, or MAG Design Studio. Recently introduced at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibitionin Geneva, this dreamy project is the result of a three-month process.

Inside the cockpit, this Bell helicopter features four luxury ergonomic seats finished in white with red accents, as well as dual center consoles finished in a glossy black color. MAG will offer customers more ways than one to configure their chopper, with a wide range of colors, Italian fabrics and special amenities.

Bell 429

The custom interior will be available as an option for new Bell 429 helicopters, or as a retrofit. The design also includes MAG’s proprietary noise-abatement system, allowing passengers to enjoy the silence and have a normal conversation  while listening to music without headsets.

There’s also a custom entertainment system, with a specifically- designed interactive touchscreen that controls audio, video, moving maps, a laptop, a camera, and cabin-comfort functions. All that’s left is to purchase the helicopter.

Bell 429


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