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World Premiere: Lily, the Throw-and-Shoot Camera

By Victor Baker


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People are willing to share way more of their lives and activities nowadays, which is why they all have an interesting gadget to take photos of themselves or the places they see all day long. The selfie stick proves just that statement, although some gadgets prove to be way more practical than ever imagined, like the incredible Lily camera.

It looks like a sleek drone, but it’s beautifully mixed with a camera, with the ability to share captured images on the go. When you want to start recording with this cool gadget, you just need to throw it up and then it will start to fly itself.

Lily comes with no controller, as it tracks you using GPS and computer vision via a waterproof sensor on your person. Now, that’s really interesting, right?


Lily can fly alongside you, taking HD pictures and video as you have fun and enjoy your day. This impressive gadget is waterproof for up to one meter, featuring insulated motors, and it can also fly in winds up to 15 mph. Thanks to a remote app, you can stream what Lily is recording in real-time, configure the camera’s behaviors and check its battery life as well.

Lily was designed to be super portable, as it weighs less than your average laptop and can fit into basically any backpack. There is one drawback, however: I’m not sure why, but the designers didn’t want you to switch out Lily’s batteries while on the go, and one charge lasts about 20 minutes. You’ll need a portable charger for this unique toy, but I’m sure it’s all worth it.



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