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Luiz DeBasto and Oceanco Give a new Meaning to Cosmos

Oceanco Cosmos

The renowned Dutch yacht builder Oceanco has teamed up once again with the acclaimed Miami-based yacht designer Luiz DeBasto to imagine the breathtaking vessel before you, that was simply called Cosmos. This eye catching 90-metre project shows off generous amounts of glass throughout, with the most incredible example being represented by a glass dome-shaped observation lounge on the upper deck that could literally take your breath away.

The impressive dome structure had to be extremely complex in order to comply with all the regulations, but it also ended up looking absolutely incredible, while offering a unique way of looking at the sea.  The glass panels themselves are UV protected and can be even dimmed or colored, depending on your mood and preferences, so privacy won’t be an issue with this innovative glass domed-structure.

Oceanco Cosmos

Inside the Sky Deck, as this place was called, you might notice a flexible space where passengers will be able to dine right under the starry sky, from the comforts of a completely enclosed luxurious space – yes, this is the moment where the movie title becomes obvious. Moving on, there are many social areas on this vessel that will make the entire experience even more interesting, although the sailing part cannot be ignored either.

Comfortable and spacious, not to mention luxurious throughout, the Oceanco‘s Cosmos superayacht is bound to get any port authority excited to glance upon it. Admire beauty now, worry about exclusivity and costs later, right? I’m sorry to say there are no technical details available at this time, but we’ll probably get more news about this stunning vessel as soon as there’s a potential buyer out there.

Oceanco Cosmos


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