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Louis Vuitton’s new Capsule Collection is Ready For Summer

Louis Vuitton summer Capsule Collection

With prices racing from just $485 to $2,300, Louis Vuitton’s new capsule collection was specially designed to make this summer season a wonderful memory. Fashionistas about to set off on vacation will get the chance to get their hands on the brand’s most classic bags, but with a funky new twist on their design.

Mixing Monogram or Damier Canvas patterns with catchy tromp l’oeil trunk illustrations, the Speedy, Neverfull, Pochette Metis and the Neonoe will surely help you make a fashion statement wherever you might go. A winking nod to the past, this collection looks funky, yet in tone with the latest trends.

Louis Vuitton summer Capsule Collection

Every item from this special capsule collection is on display in the gallery below, and it will not be easy to look away. Of course, they will be a bit more expensive than their ‘standard’ counterparts, but we’re sure it’s all worth it. The new Louis Vuitton Neonoe Bag costs $1,950, which is $360 more than the illustration-free version, while the Neverfull will sell for $1,750, the Pochette Metis for $2,350 and the Speedy bag will cost you $1,920.

On the other hands, the wallets sell for $995 for the Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet, $940 for the Zippy wallet, while the small Louis Vuitton Zippy coin purse will cost you just $485. Looking busy yet completely casual, these creations will have people staring at you down the street; that’s what this is really about, right?

Louis Vuitton summer Capsule Collection


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