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Louis Vuitton Launched the Stylish Tambour Icons Watch Collection

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While this may seem like an unexpected move from a fashion brand, Louis Vuitton’s latest venture into the watchmaking world is certainly a welcomed surprise. The renowned French brand has launched its first watch collection back in 2002, the Tambour, and it was pretty successful, with many different iterations of that classic model unveiled ever since.

This year, Louis Vuitton is launching yet another stylish collection of watches. Called the Tambour Icons Watch Collection, this line comes with some of the brand’s most recognizable design cues. The Tambour collection is easily noticeable, with Louis Vuitton’s 12 letter brand name that rises prominently from the case edges, with the letters marking each hour.

The case doesn’t have a traditional bezel, but an angled lip from where the dome shaped sapphire crystal starts. As for the details, the 2019 Tambour collection is taking a more calm and measured approach than the previous collections.

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There are four references and two color palettes, one in a classic brown with yellow seconds hand, the Tambour Monogram and the other a black / gray colorway with bright blue seconds hand, the Tambour Damier Graphite. The case is made from stainless steel, water resistant up to 100 meters.

The movement, as some of you might expect, is a simple quartz, as you might expect from most fashion watches. It’s a shame, especially given the price, which spins between $2,690 and $3,200, that the movement isn’t something more sophisticated.

The watches in this collection don’t bring anything special or original to the table, besides the patented strap system which doesn’t require the use of tools. The Tambour Icons have changed from the previous models, but still offer a conservative approach to watches. That’s always enough for Louis Vuitton fans.

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