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Louis Vuitton Introduced their new World Tour Collection

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton World Tour

Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram has been retouched this year to cater to a new generation of travelers in the most interesting way possible; sure, it’s not the first time the brand’s iconic design sees such a move, but Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2016 collection brings yet another step in the evolution of the Monogram Canvas.

The new Louis Vuitton World Tour collection shows off the brand’s cool take on the classic hotel stickers, covering the brand’s signature material. This bold, somewhat 1980s move, was inspired by the world travels of the brand’s creative genius, Nicholas Ghesquiere.

The hotel stickers make obvious sense on the brand’s travel-friendly bags, getting young people in the mood to conquer the entire world, while those of you who have already reached a certain age might remember their own adventures.

Louis Vuitton World Tour

Those funky badges you can see in the gallery below are available on all of the collection’s pieces, such as the Alma, Neverfull and the Speedy bags, as well as small LV accessories like wallets and bag charms. And if you’re into more colorful accessories, the Epi leather Twist bags are here to cater to your needs and get you in the proper mood for travel.

Please note that all pieces from the new Louis Vuitton World Tour collection are already available for the taking – so to speak – and we’re quite curious which piece you’d prefer. More interesting, what destination will you choose first?

Louis Vuitton World Tour

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