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London’s exquisite One Cornwall Terrace

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London is and has ever since been one of the world’s cultural and financial capitals. The largest city in Europe is also renowned for the exquisite homes and properties it houses, proof of the wealth and glamour under the British flag. Today’s strong point is the Cornwall Terrace, the most expensive set row houses in the world. One apartment found inside the exquisite block has been recently sold for a dazzling $120 million. Let’s see what all this fuss is about.

Don’t for one second think the area hasn’t been visited by celebrities and alike. In fact, extremely famous names and stars like Kate Hudson, David Beckham, Rinat Akhmetov, Roman Abramovich and Francois Henry Pinault own homes in the area. The One Cornwall Terrace apartment is located directly opposite to Regent Park, having been the main residence of the High Commissioner between the 1950s and the 1970s. It was later converted into a squatting spot by a group of hippies. During the years the followed, it was carefully renovated and refurbished, having become an exquisite property among the top residences in London.

It covers around 21,000 square feet, comprising a total of 11 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, 9 reception rooms and a catering kitchen garnished with marble and limestone all along its walls. In addition, the house’s lighting system can be controlled via iPad, giving us a hint towards the contemporariness of the place. There’s also a gorgeous, superbly trimmed garden, measuring 40 meters in length, alongside a grand double staircase, access to the sports complex completed with a modern gym, hi-tech entry gate with individual number plate recognition system and swimming pool.

There’s also a pretty odd fact related to the property – it currently isn’t owned by magnates or billionaires. In fact, the owner is Marcus Cooper, of Marcus Cooper Group company, into the field of luxury real estate development. The name is somewhat famous though, as he was responsible for the development of the 25-bedroom Witanhurst in Highgate.

Apart from its main price, there are many additional payments that need taking care of. For example, there’s a £12 million ($17,9 million) stamp duty and a further £1,369 ($2,040) yearly contribution to Council Taxes. Furthermore, the price of the property is around a whopping 412 times higher than the average residential price in the UK. It was ultimately re-dubbed the 1 Cornwall Terrace Limited by Marcus Cooper.


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