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London’s Admiralty Arch Is Home to a $200M Apartment

Nestled right inside the iconic Admiralty Arch, an incredible, 12 bedroom apartment has been recently listed for sale, with a mind boggling asking price of £150 million or around $200 million, which makes it the most expensive flat ever listed for sale in all of London.

Once the home of both Winston Churchill and novelist Ian Fleming, the 15,000-square-feet Admiralty Arch apartment boasts high ceilings, original fireplaces and historic fittings dating back to 1910; a private entrance and elevator act as an added bonus and concierge service, valet parking and even a membership to a private members’ club will be included in the price as well.

It seems that Spanish developer Rafael Serrano, owner of a 250-year lease to Admiralty Arch, plans to turn this entire place into a lavish hotel with over 100 rooms – except this one apartment.

In case there are no billionaires interested in buying this exclusive piece of history, the owners will probably break it apart and turn it into other hotel rooms. But we’re sure the unmatched London views will at least get a few people interested, not to mention the exclusivity on offer.

Sadly, no one knows what the interiors of this exquisite place look like; but we think it’s safe to bet that mere mortals such as ourselves have not even dreamed about the level of luxuries and opulence this piece of property benefits from. Here’s to the lucky rich folks who will have the privilege of living there: we admire and envy you, both at once. Can you blame us?


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