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Local Motors’ Ariel Cruiser is a Wild 1920s Dream

Local Motors Ariel Cruiser

Local Motors, an Arizona-based design and engineering company, specialized in delivering unique solutions to world transport problems, has received an interesting request a few months ago: a retro-styled, gas-powered ‘board track racer’ bike, that could redefine the way we move around, in style. They’ve held a small contest for this design, and picked a ravishing bike concept from Romanian designer Ianis Vasilatos as the winner.

Then, the company’s brilliant team of engineers managed to transform the designer’s initial sketches and renders into a fully functional prototype that could easily take your breath away. Obviously, this is no easy feat, which is why this bike deserves your full and undivided attention today. This bike will take you on a blissful journey back in time, and we totally like that. In a world filled with menacing and ultra-powerful automotive projects, this one seems refreshing, to say the least.

Local Motors Ariel Cruiser

Called the Ariel Cruiser, this stunning bike was inspired by a 1920’s board track racer, but it also comes with various modern-day elements on display. The retro-styled, motorized bicycle can be eventually purchased in either an electric version or a gas version, with the first offering about 20 miles worth of fun and speeds of up to 27 mph. On the other hand, its gas-powered sibling puts a 50CC Honda engine to work to enable this bike to reach 34 mph and cover as many as 70 miles.

To design a motorized bicycle that reminiscent of the early 1900s is not easy, and collectors will surely agree with that. Every component on this superb bike was specially imagined to honor the history of board track racing and early motor bicycles and the exquisite leather details look like the cherry on top of the sundae. We already know you’re going to want one of these bikes, but unfortunately there’s no word on pricing yet.

Local Motors Ariel Cruiser


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