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Limited Edition OnePlus 5 JCC+ Raises The Bar

By Victor Baker


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OnePlus 5 JCC+

The mobile phone market is extremely volatile today, and it’s very difficult to predict what’s going to be trendy next or how you can really make an impact. This competitive environment is not a place for the fainthearted or companies with tiny budgets, things that the Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is well aware of.

But they’re one of the very few relatively new companies that really managed to make an impression in the smartphone world in these last couple of years. The OnePlus 5 is an incredible device, that could easily compete with the new Samsung 8 or Iphone 8, but the OnePlus 5 JCC+ Edition is even more stunning, specially designed after a unique collaboration with the acclaimed French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

The brilliant designer has imagined a brand new look for this cutting edge device, alongside a cool range of accessories including bags, caps and T-shirts, all reflective of Castelbajac’s signature, chromatic style. The collection also features an on-trend waist bag and a holster that reminds us who the king is, but it’s all the OnePlus 5 if you ask us.

OnePlus 5 JCC+

OnePlus is a name associated with challenging the status quo of the smartphone industry; the original OnePlus 5 launched successfully worldwide in June, and features an impressive dual camera on the back, a jaw-dropping 8GB of RAM, and a sleek design, paired with a powerful chip and a lovely display.

On the other hand, Castelbajac is well known for breaking the rules in the fashion world, so this was a match made in heaven. The OnePlus 5 JCC+ will be officially released in Europe on October 2nd for just $539. The accessories collection will be also available at OnePlus.net in Europe, North America, China, and India, starting next month. It’s safe to assume everyone will be dreaming about the complete package.

OnePlus 5 JCC+

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