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Limited edition Lamborghini AV-L001 Watches

By Adrian Prisca


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Resembling their inspirational origin, the new AV-L001 timepieces series capture every bit of the Lamborghini designs and colors, creating a stronger link between the Lambos and their owners.

Using the bright colors that are used to paint the cars, the designer of the watches, Adriano Valente, has named each and every one of the 6 tones in a unique way, as follows: Green Icaria – for the bright green, Grigio Menoetius – slate grey, Giallo Hyperion – bright yellow, Rosso Eos – bright red, Nero Tartarus – Karbonyte color and Bianco Ophian – white. All of them are built from Karbonyte, a carbon-fiber-element alloy, Grade 5 titanium and aluminum, just like the cars.

The mechanics of these watches are based on the Engine 001 movement, specially crafted for the company. They feature a reserve power indicator that replaces the 4 o’clock slot; the 12 o’clock represents the date, the minutes numerals are distributed at 5-minute intervals, while the hours are displayed in chassis-matching Arabic numerals on black dials. The 3, 6 and 9 o’clock slots show the hours. Everything is put together to look like a Lamborghini speedometer.

Being costly pieces, protection is needed for each and every watch. This is accomplished through the help of a scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal cover while the straps are rubberized and stitched, assorting with the other elements of the watches.
If you already own a Lambo and need surplus evidence that you enjoy and respect the Italian car-maker, why not spending $35,100 on a piece? You’d better rush though, as they are a limited edition, each of them having carved its respective production number on the back-case.


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