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Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s Chieftain Is A Rare Blend

By Victor Baker


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Jack Daniel’s Chieftain

Indian Motorcycle has decided to make our day a lot more interesting by unveiling their second Jack Daniel’s special edition bike. Produced in a limited run of just 100 units, with only of them set to arrive in the UK for instance, this new Jack Daniel’s Chieftain suddenly becomes the rarest of treats.

Should I remember you that the previous Jack Daniel’s limited edition has been sold out in just eight hours? Each of these superb motorcycles has been designed to feature a commemorative American flag, handcrafted out of Jack Daniel’s barrel wood, while the owner’s name, motorcycle number, and VIN will be on display as well.

Also worth mentioning is the unique white and black crystal paint job, with charcoal colored accents, the various Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 logos and custom badging. And please note the leather tank pouch, aluminium tank console and so on.

Jack Daniel’s Chieftain

A handmade, pure silver Jack Daniel’s horn cover badge is part of the limited series, and true Indian fans will also appreciate the 19″ front wheel, with an open fender, and premium touring amenities meant to make road trips that more enjoyable. LED lighting, a power adjustable flare windshield, gloss black front and many other interesting little details are more than welcomed, but the 200W premium audio system with fairing and saddlebag speakers is truly a nice touch.

The limited edition Indian Chieftain combines a sense of exclusivity with an aggressive edge, making everyone drool endlessly in the process. These individually numbered bikes are expected to reach their owners in August 2017 and come with a two-year unlimited mileage factory warranty. Do you want one?

Jack Daniel’s Chieftain

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