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The Limited-Edition dCS Vivaldi One Player Costs $70,000

dCS Vivaldi One Player

The renowned English audio brand dCS has been delivering high quality digital Hi-Fi equipment for more than thirty years now. To mark this unique anniversary and all their accomplishments, the Brits have revealed a luxurious single-box digital music player that might get some audiophiles in the right mood for shopping.

Called the dCS Vivaldi One, this amazing music player features the company’s 24-bit Ring DAC, that’s responsible for accurately reproducing audio even at low signal levels. The latest-generation of Ring DAC has been upgraded with improved channel separation, enhanced dynamic range, and reduced jitter that will make your favorite songs even better.

dCS Vivaldi One Player

Furthermore, the Vivaldi One player has been equipped with an integrated CD/SACD player, for greater sonic detail and streaming. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the chassis of this bespoke device looks extremely appealing, but what’s even better is that customers could even contribute to the aesthetics of their future music player – dCS will gladly plate the unit with 24-karat gold or any other precious metals you might ask for.

Set for release later this month, the dCS Vivaldi One will be limited to just 250 pieces worldwide and each one will set you back $70,200, with an exclusive collection of music included. In the end, the question is.. what song will you choose as a first audition? For that kind of money, you could easily enjoy the soundtrack of a V8 powerplant.

dCS Vivaldi One Player


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