The brand new Leica X Vario

Renowned manufacturer of exquisite cameras Leica has recently come up with a compact camera part of the brand’s digital offerings. The so-called Leica X Vario is a stunning gadget, pretty small in size but literally packed with technology.

The 4/3rds-style digital camera sports a 16 MP APS-C sensor tied to an 18 mm to 46 mm zoom lens with aperture of f3.5. Smaller sibling of the Leica M, is has been fitted with state of the art optical systems in a similar class to the five best travel cameras of 2013 – the Fuji X100S, Canon Powershot N, Sony RX100 Compact Digital Camera, GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and the Nikon D600 Full Frame DSLR. In addition, the Leica X Vario is also comparable to the Nikon Coolpix A and other Micro 4/3rds cameras by Panasonic, Olympus and others.

Sadly, the lens has been hard-mounted on the main body of the device, eliminating the possibility of upgrading it to telephoto/wide camera. It will though be able to provide state of the art performance, extreme detail and dynamic images in a standard zoom range. Won’t matter if you’re willing to capture environments, dead nature or portraits, the outcomes will be astonishing.

With a standard price tag of $2,850, you might say this gadget is quite an expensive one. Well, it is, it’s a Leica after all! In terms of performance, the price might not be justified, but it’s pointed towards Leica addicts.