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L’Amage Superyacht Could Break All Rules If It Ever Gets Built

By Victor Baker


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L’Amage Superyacht

Designed by the Milan-based HBD Studios, the gorgeous superyacht concept before you is called L’Amage, and it’s been recently revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show, back in September. If it had been already built, this 623-feet long superyacht would be one of the largest yachts in the world right now, and just a little over 100 feet shorter than the incredible Triple Deuce, which stands at the top of the list with a 728-feet hull, that’s set to amaze everyone on the planet starting 2018 – when it’s going to be completed.

L’Amage Superyacht

Capable of accommodating 30 guests in 14 staterooms and a private apartment dedicated to its owner, this futuristic superyacht is all kinds of stunning. L’Amage would be packed with many outrageous features, including an elongated upper deck, an infinity swimming pool, and a hot tub on separate levels.

There’s also a fireplace to keep guests’ souls warm and cozy, while the helipad at the bow is there to make sure no destination or persona is too far away. Showing off an innovative design and high-end amenities, this yacht is set to sail at a top speed of 32 knots, but speed seems to be a secondary byproduct; it’s the incredible levels of luxury and the overall design that seems to overwhelm us all with this project.

L’Amage Superyacht

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