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La Croix des Gardes Is The Stuff Of Legends With a Fitting Price

By Victor Baker


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La Croix des Gardes

Somewhere on the blissful French Riviera you will find La Croix des Gardes – a charming manor steeped in history, sitting proudly on top of a hill. Dating back to 1919, when a Swiss gentleman purchased the entire property and constructed his dream home here, this wonderful estate has been recently listed for sale, for a price that wasn’t disclosed just yet.

In case you’re worried this lavish estate is almost 100 years old, you should know that English architect Alan Gore extended and redesigned the nearly 13,000 square foot structure a couple of years ago, which delivers incredible panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We’re sure it’s going to be difficult to say ‘no’ to such a beautiful castle – especially if you can afford it.

La Croix des Gardes

The iconic estate is located a few minutes away from the gorgeous port of Cannes, with the 24.711-acre property also including restored gardens, a world-class orangery, and a 33-meter long swimming pool with amazing views, of course. 

Living on the French Riviera has always sounded dreamy for us, and this luxurious home should definitely be part of your dreams from now on. With a total of 13 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms, this place might have an undisclosed price-tag right now, but that only adds to the desirability factor.

La Croix des Gardes


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