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La Baignoire is a Carbon Fiber Bathtub with Mood Lighting

By Victor Baker


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La Baignoire

The Hong Kong-based design firm Alvarae Design Studios has recently unveiled a luxury bathtub that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Known for their quirky pieces of furniture, the company surprised us with La Baignoire (the French word for ‘bathtub’), a stunning carbon fiber bathtub, fitted with LED lights and blossoming light colors, that looks like it’s coming out of this world.

The standalone technological marvel before you was imagined by master designer Charles Wan to feature sweeping lines and a unique sculptural shape, just what it needs to boast a luxurious and sophisticated look.

La Baignoire

Constructed from a mix of complex materials, including LED lighting in its interior and a bridge base created using Nano Technology, this stunning bathtub weighs in at only 15 kg and it will most likely outlast your home. Future buyers could even have it custom built to match their bathroom surroundings, while the concealed LED lighting will brighten the atmosphere with a wide selection of colors.

If you like what you see right now, you should know that La Baignoire will set you back about $37,900 USD, which is much more than an average family saloon. But we’re not talking about averages here, are we?

La Baignoire


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