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Kronos counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable

By Adrian Prisca


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After painstaking years of design, research and development, Kronos Audio is introducing the first counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable unit in the world. The Canadian manufacturer of audiophonics has focused on the highest possible stability, minimalism and state of the art sound capabilities while building this superb device.

The stunning turntable is ready to play your all time favorite vinyl records by using regular turntable elements like the suspension, a motor, a platter and all sorts of materials, but at a unique level of innovation. This particular gadget boasts with two practically identical high mass platters, one position on top of the other, rotating in opposite direction at exactly the same speed.

In addition, an important load of aerospace industry sourced metals has been used by Kronos, eliminating any unwanted torsional forces, which concludes to extreme stability and uniqueness.

The world’s first counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable by Kronos Audio will be completely hand-manufactured as a limited edition of just 250 units, each one priced at $28,000. It comes in a custom built flight case, intricately assembled, adjusted and tested.


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