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Kraken by Gray Design Is Much More Than A Monster

By Victor Baker


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Kraken by Gray Design

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the design lines of a futuristic supercar concept with the excitement and thrills provided by a sleek superyacht? Well, so have the people at Gray Design, and the result of their research and development is the Kraken.

Reminding us by the ferocious and dangerous monster from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie franchise, this catamaran is much more than a monster. Featuring four decks and accommodations in each hull, the wonderful vessel has been inspired by the Vapour GT concept, pushing the limits of yacht design to the max.

Kraken by Gray Design

The design of the yacht is bold and unique, with metallic paintwork accentuated by intense red highlights, chrome brightwork and dark stained teak decking. The outrageous windscreen, which acts as a skylight for a massive lounge on the owner’s deck, is one of the focal points of this beauty.

But there’s more to this yacht than that, such as a large beach club and reception area, as well as a helipad at the bow. We’re clueless on power and possible technical specs for this yacht concept, but I’m sure the engineers from Gray Design have imagined this vessel as a supercar of the seas.

Kraken by Gray Design

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