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Kenwood Inn and Spa in Napa Valley & Sonoma, California

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Entirely American and staggeringly gorgeous, Kenwood Inn and Spa is found within the heart of the idyllic Napa Valley & Sonoma, in California. Easily accessible, 15 minutes away from Sonoma and a 40 minutes’ drive away from Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, this place is here to show the true meaning of American beauty.

Surrounded by exquisitely trimmed, exceptionally famous vineyards, warblers’ enchanting songs and steamy hills, this marvelous resort is just a handful away from heaven. Far away from city life, this place makes you forget about daily fuss and bother, in the same way it makes you completely change your vision over life. Or you can just enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner and tell your beloved how in love you are of her.

Comprising 29 superbly appointed rooms, this rather intimate getaway greets you with arms open. The surrounding so-called Valley of the Moon is such a gorgeous place that from morning till night you’re bound to have a supremely relaxed time. You’re being awaken with a fresh breakfast, of tomatoes, farm-baked bread, eggs and local stuff, than you’re invited to any of the two gorgeous heated saline pools. Afterwards, a tour of the local vineyards gets you more intimate to the local environment, as you’re being invited to taste the liquors and fruits grown there.

Right before dinner, you may learn the meaning of relaxation at the local spa, and then the main event follows – the dinner, at The Restaurant at Kenwood Inn and Spa. Provided with a very romantic atmosphere, where Mediterranean dishes are at home, alongside various sorts of game, fish, cheese and locally grown products, your time here has reached a peak. All you have to do next is to sip up some local wines at the wine bar, and your experience is complete – about 1% of it actually. Nightly rates start at $300.


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