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Ken Freivokh Design Reveals a new Stunning Superyacht

By Victor Baker


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Ken Freivokh Design Concept

The brilliant team behind Ken Freivokh Design has been working on a new extraordinary superyacht in these last couple of months, in the form of this 140-meter concept, that aims to satisfy the needs and taste of an experienced yacht owner. Packing a few innovative features and creative outdoor spaces, not to mention extensive use of glass, this vessel is nothing short of stunning.

As expected, from a vessel of such an impressive size, this project will also benefit from the presence of various tenders, with a full beam garage prepared to house up to six large limousine tenders and beach-landing crafts. Furthermore, a 14-meter pool will gladly transform into a floating dock for the mothership’s main guest tender, whenever the need calls for it.

Ken Freivokh Design Concept

Not one, but two helicopters could be standing on this superyacht, ready to take passengers ashore whenever they feel like they need a break from this unique sailing experience. Let’s face it, no one would ever want that, but it’s a good thing to know that you could bring in guests with two helicopters aboard.

Offering stunning views and privacy in the comfort of a wind-free zone in a lavish sunken level, the superyacht also boasts a temperature-controlled pool with its own waterfall feature, while a special observation bubble will allow passengers to enjoy the sea as no other people have.

The vessel’s interiors show off a great attention to detail, with beauty and luxury obvious throughout the two separate owner’s staterooms and a host of luxury VIP and guest suites. For sheer entertainment purposes, a full-sized IMAX cinema has been added to the long list of impressive features that will most likely make the owner of this superyacht smile endlessly.

Ken Freivokh Design Concept

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