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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus Moves In For The Kill

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus

There’s no easy to say it: the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus is deadly seductive. The latest creation from Jacob Arabo, the bold visionary who continues to revolutionize the world of jewelry and haute horology, has been inspired by the mystery surrounding this bizarre cephalopod, and it also shows off the magic behind the brand’s impressive Astronomia tourbillon timepiece.

You could look at this spectacular creation as an evolution of the Astronomia, with a stunning octopus sculpture in the core of its composition, on display for everyone to enjoy. Housed in a breathtaking sapphire monoblock casing, this thing is a real work of art and a true statement to human creativity.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus

Originally designed for the brand’s limited edition Astronomia Flawless, the transparent monoblock case creates the illusion that the complications inside the timepiece are suspended in mid-air. This unique effect becomes even more alluring at the Astronomia Octopus, with the hand-crafted sculpture of an octopus looking like it holds Astronomia’s signature gravitational triple-axis tourbillon.

It took 37 weeks to create the sapphire components of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus, without the time it took to engrave this timepiece and the octopus sculpture, or the time required to hand finish the movements. Curious about pricing info? So are we.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Octopus


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