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iXoost puts out staggering notes

By Brian Pho


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If you’re keen on browsing our pages you may have noticed an article about the Espresso Veloce, which we’ve featured during April. Following a similar theme, the iXoost is here.

A staggering iPod docking station, it was developed and produced by Matteo Panini, based on design by Micro Pecorari from Modena. It appears to look exactly like the exhaust system of a car, having actually been crafted with real exhaust pipes.

It’ll definitely be a staggering piece in the eyes of automotive enthusiasts and will reportedly be available as a V8, as a V10 and as a V12. It is, weirdly enough, quite asymmetrical, and can be further customized with the choice of color suggested by the customer. The Allen screws and leather touches will also be tied to the will of the customer, in terms of looks. Each of the lot will be superbly and carefully manufactured by hand.

They are available for purchase as we speak – the V12, the most expensive of the lot, is priced at $8,920, the middle version, the V10, costs $8,525, while the least expensive version, the V8, comes with a price tag of $6,550.


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