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Introducing The Andreas Strehler Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon Watch

Andreas Strehler Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon

Andreas Strehler, one of the most talented Swiss watchmakers and movement designers right now, has just unveiled his most ambitious project yet, an incredible timepiece dubbed as the Andreas Strehler Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon. As its name states, this beauty combines both a remontoire and a tourbillon to deliver ultimate accuracy and consistent timing performance.

The highly-engineered Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon features a distinct looking case, that’s complemented by a detailed in-house designed mechanism. Available in either gold or platinum, this beauty comes attached to an alligator strap and starts off at a cool 182,500 CHF – this ridiculous price-tag might scare a few people, but most of you will realize it’s worth every penny.

Andreas Strehler Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon

The movement comprises 250 tiny components, joined together for perfection, with symmetrical elements in the bridges on display on both the front and rear of the intricate mechanism. An off-centered dial indicates the hours and minutes, while an overlapping subsidiary seconds indicator has a jumping seconds hand – it’s not too easy to read, but that’s part of the charm, I guess.

Meanwhile, the power reserve indicator will show that a total of 78 hours of power reserve is available. The Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon is clearly a product of the past aimed at the future; featuring a 41 mm case, elegant and ornated by the exposed movement, this spectacular watch seems more interesting than any other psychedelic creations out there – at least, to me.

Andreas Strehler Transaxle Remontoir Tourbillon


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