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Introducing the 2017 Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches

Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches

Show me the money! At least that’s what Jerry Maguire was asked to do in the renowned Hollywood production with the same name. Since 1955 the brilliant Swiss watchmakers from Corum have been astounding everyone with their unique creations, especially their iconic coin watches, that have made them really popular around the world.

This year, the brand’s Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches come in three new variations, from the luxurious Gold Double Eagle to the youthful Silver Eagle, and the rather austere Israel Special Edition. The Gold US Coin model is the most expensive watch of this trio, with a $23,000 price tag, while the other two are set to cost $13,800 each; but let’s take a closer look at what money can buy these days, shall we?

The gold model displays an American Liberty Head Double Eagle 20 dollar gold coin, with a heraldic eagle and a shield making their way on the watch face and the head of the Statue of Liberty hiding at the back. The 43 mm case also shows off 3N or 22ct yellow gold, a rather unusual choice, but we’re sure a lot of people will fall in love with it.

Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches

The crown keeps in line with the theme featuring 22ct gold and a 0.17-carat diamond. The sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment is present on each of the three iterations, while a black alligator leather strap completes this ensemble, complemented by an 18-ct yellow gold tongue buckle.

This brings us to the silver Corum Heritage Artisans Coin, benefitting from an American Silver Eagle one-dollar coin. The coin and watch case are made of 925 sterling silver, another unusual material in watchmaking, with blue varnished hands and a blue alligator strap, fitted with a stainless steel tongue buckle, finishing everything off. Did you notice the 0.17-carat round blue sapphire set into the crown?

Last but not least, the Corum Coin Special Edition uses a 925 silver coin from Israel, minted in 1973 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. There is yet another 0.17-carat diamond to be mentioned, as well as the black varnished baton hands and a matching alligator strap.

The automatic CO 082 caliber hides within all three watch variations, with 21 rubies and a 42-hour power reserve, keeping the timeless elegance of these creations in check.

Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches


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