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Infiniti’s Synaptiq is a Futuristic Vehicle You Control with Your Mind

By Brody Patterson


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In response to the LA Auto Show Design Challenge, a team of Infiniti engineers based in San Diego has come up with an amazing concept dubbed Synaptic – something which actually won them the People’s Choice award.

The theme of the challenge was “how will humans interact with cars in 2029?” – so Infiniti put forward a vehicle in which you strap yourself into a Symbiotic User Interface Technology (SUIT) through a spinal lock attachment (which doesn’t exactly sound comfortable, but we’ll probably get used to it in a couple of decades or so), which connects the your thoughts to the machine Matrix-style.

The driver will be suspended in position, which is quite important since the vehicle can turn into a F1-style car, a buggy, and even an aircraft in order to compete in a futuristic triathlon of sorts designed by Infiniti.

While this is admittedly really cool, it’s hard to see the Synaptic as anything other than a creative project by some talented and creative designers. But you never know – we’ll get to you on this one in about 15 years!

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