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Incredible Palm Jumeirah Villa Is Dubai’s Most Expensive Property

By Victor Baker


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If you’re looking for a stunning and extravagant home, one of the best places to start will always be Dubai. For instance, everybody’s talking these days about the sale of Dubai’s most expensive property to-date, a superb villa located on the man-made island The Palm Jumeirah, which was recently sold for a cool $18.6 million or £12 million.

Words don’t do justice to this astonishing property, which has been designed by the talented architects at LW Design Group. The incredible home has been dubbed as “M State” and boasts 13,000 square feet of luxurious living space, with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 55 foot infinity pool, a 167-private beach with a dock as well and last, but not least, a cinema room!

With beautiful white walls, large balconies and loungers by the pool, the exterior of this dream home can literally take your breath away. But the interior is also truly amazing, minimalist, elegant and comfortable, making this home the best place for rest & relaxation.

Rumor has it that the furniture has been kitted out by UAE-based furniture design practice, Finasi. Nothing but the best for this lucky owner; and I’m saying ‘lucky’, because this most expensive property was originally listed for $20.6 million (£13.3 million) so the new owner actually got a great deal on it. What more could you ask for?

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