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Incredible Modern Luxury Residence in Maui, Hawaii

By Adrian Prisca


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Located on the Island of Maui, this is one of the most beautiful residences in Hawaii, estimated at $14,9 dollars and nicknamed “The Jewel of Kahana”.

Designed by Arri Lecron Architects, the whole estate means opulence. It spreads over a 9,200 square feet surface and features a gorgeous guest home with bedroom and bathroom, while the main home comprises seven luxurious en-suite bedrooms. Perfect for many purposes, from partying-spot to family residence, it also includes a three-car garage, sports bar and a state-of-the-art spa.

The waterfall outside offers breathtaking views, along with the spa, also bringing together privacy, silence and harmony. There’s a superb feeling of freedom brightness while entering the main residence, which gorgeously merges with the outside theme. Natural light comes in through floor-to-ceiling windows, the open-plan design also adding to this state.

Besides these, the property also brings a sense of modernism, courtesy of the up-to-date furnishings and fittings. The luxuriousness is shown by the whole style and comfort of this place, while the high-standard architecture also contributes to the whole feeling.

Thanks to the residence’s surroundings, its style, comfort and the whole list of amenities, it’s definitely one of the most gorgeous places to live. Plus, there’s also the beach nearby, so it surely is inviting.


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