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Ignore the Cold Weather at the Blissful Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa

By Victor Baker


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Almar Jesolo Resort

Enjoying a short trip from Venice along the beautiful Adriatic Riviera sounds like a great way of spending the day, but stopping at the breathtaking Almar Jesolo Resort could be a little dangerous, because you might never want to leave this place again. The very definition of Italian beachside living, this is the place where savvy travelers enjoy the beautiful life, or la dolce vita, as Italians say.

The beachfront town of Jesolo is a world-class destination, renowned for its pristine stretch of golden beaches, with its distinctive piers or the longest promenade in Europe making this town a dreamy location to spend some time off from responsibilities and work.  Add in the fact that Jesolo is extremely close to Venice, and filled with many glamorous bars and clubs, all just a mere walk away from Almar Jesolo, and you’ll know this is the place to visit as soon as possible!

Almar Jesolo Resort

With 197 wonderful guest accommodations on offer, the Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa impresses thanks to its hip and cosmopolitan vibe, with all rooms or suites benefiting from a spacious balcony from where you could enjoy mesmerizing views of the Adriatic Sea. Upon a closer inspection of the resort, you will find out that poolside lounging and cool drinks are also part of the every day activities, and something you will surely enjoy to do..

However, if nature’s beauty makes your day worth while, please note that the resort’s private beach will gladly cater to all your needs. And if all of that is not enough to get you in a chilling/relaxing mood, Almar Jesolo’s charming spa and its two saunas, plus walk-through hot and cold plunge rooms, two relaxation rooms, and various services and treatments, will surely make your stay here totally unforgettable.

Almar Jesolo Resort

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