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HYT & Mr Porter Teamed up For a Highly Exclusive H1 Watch

HYT H1.0 x Mr Porter 1

HYT‘s incredible hydro-mechanical timepieces have been available on Mr Porter since September 2019 and now the popular men’s style site has a special surprise for all its fans. In the world of high-end luxury watches, limited editions are ubiquitous, that’s why Mr Porter and HYT teamed up for an extremely exclusive edition of the sought-after H1 wristwatch.

Created specially for Mr Porter, the H1.0 x Mr Porter will be available in just five pieces, each of them priced at a cool $58,000. This special watch reflects HYT’s core belief in a dynamic cooperation between these two brands, coming from different worlds, just like its rule-breaking mechanism represents a seamless collaboration between traditional watchmaking mechanics and fluid technology.

The H1.0 for Mr Porter features the same innovative fluid-based time display that uses liquids stored in tiny capillaries to show the passage of time and a few bespoke updates.

HYT H1.0 x Mr Porter 2

The stainless steel case of the watch is matched by a superb black rubber strap and a titanium folding-buckle clasp, with black DLC coating and satin finishes adding a touch of luxury to this extraordinary timepiece. The dial features lovely accents of red, while Super-Luminova makes the hour numerals, indexes and minute hand stand out.

Like any other HYT H1 hydro-mechanical timepieces, this watch features two pistons that push the blacked-out liquid in a coated glass capillary to show the elapsed time, while another capillary, with transparent liquid, indicates the time yet to come. Meanwhile, the subdials indicate the minutes, running seconds and the 65-hour power reserve.

The HYT H1.0 x Mr Porter will also come with a detailed user guide that explains the intricate functionality of this watch.

HYT H1.0 x Mr Porter 3


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