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The Hi-Tech Vanhawks Valour Aims to Brings Cycling into the 21st Century

By Brody Patterson


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Here’s one cyclists will definitely love – the Vanhawks Valour is the world’s first connected bicycle, something that will bring cycling, whether it’s for commuting, exercise, or leisure, into the 21st century.

The Valour boasts an impressive number of features most bikes don’t incorporate, features you will grow to like and depend on. It can track your heart rate and the number of calories burned, it has security sensors to prevent theft, and also includes navigation functions, Bluetooth connectivity, and even provides haptic feedback when something is getting too close to the bike from the rear.

One of its standards features is the anti-theft system. As we’ve mentioned, the Valour is constantly connected to the network, so when one bike passes another on the road, the two interact and notify the owner of the stolen bike with regards to their location. Another cool feature is the fact that the Valour can connect to a smartphone’s GPS and thus offer route suggestions, even activating the bike’s turn signals when necessary.

Vanhawks is funding the project though Kickstarter and allows backers to sign up to purchase either a single-speed version (for $999), or a geared version (for $1,299).


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