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Hasselblad Lunar Series

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You’re bound to know two things if you’re an accomplished photographer – how and when to press the shutter button, and the name Hasselblad. Manufacturers of some of the best cameras in the world, of all time, the brand delivers gadgets that not only come with super high-end technology but also with passion, soul and tradition. So is the story about their latest cameras part of the Hasselblad Lunar Series.

These cameras come with personalization options, five of them, for the top plate and grip. This makes them not only collectable but also highly functional, coming from a brand that has sent the famous 1957-manufactured 500C camera into space back in 1962 to capture some of the most important shots ever taken.

The Lunar Series is capable of doing exactly the aims Victor Hasselblad has had when starting the brand – to manufacture the best ever photographic equipment in the world. With this collection, apart from its high-end performance, comes an array of assortments like black leather & titanium, olive wood & titanium, carbon fiber & titanium, brown Tuscany leather & titanium and mahogany wood & copper.

These options each come with different abilities. For example, the black leather grip edition is extremely comfortable and suits most conditions, while the hand polished Tuscany leather in brown brings forth a much more natural feeling. In case you’re looking for both lightweight materials and good looks, the titanium & carbon fiber combo is the most suitable one.

The only model that doesn’t feature any gram of titanium is the one with Italian mahogany wood & copper combo – it doesn’t only catch the eye thanks to the earthen appearance of the copper but also provides a very good grip due to the waxless matt finish of the grip. This one is as exotic as it is special and I think it’s the best looking of the lot. The last option provided is the titanium & olive wood version, boasting one off fabrication and texture.

The Hasselblad Lunar comes with 24.3 MP resolution, CMOS Image Detector, 1/4000th of a second image capturing time, USB 2.0 data transfer, 4.0 m-1 to +1.0 m-1 dioptor adjustment, video capturing capability in H.264 and MPEG4 formats, E18-55mm lenses for high quality shots, electronic viewfinder and EV0 to EV20 sensitivity range. Each of them will be available at $6,851 (£4,400) through worldwide luxury boutiques.


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