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Hamlet’s Walls Could Be yours For € 5,500,000

By Victor Baker


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The small village of Tavernelle, Italy, hides one of the world’s most incredible secrets. With two levels and covering a living area of 1,700 m2 / 18,299 Sq Ft., the Hamlet Castle includes 34 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, plus many other interesting features and amenities. 

Across the quietness of the Umbrian-Tuscany countryside, this medieval castle hides amidst its woods and cultivated fields. The only signs of civilization here are the traces of an ancient Etruscan settlement and several country houses scattered across the countryside, but aside from that, future owners will be enjoying complete privacy.

The area’s thousand-year-old history should provide for an interesting experience and feeling. Po’ Sante di Sotto, its official name, is a castle that came back to life after a passionate scholar of Middle Age History put his ten-year experience to work and was able to fully restore this wonderful piece of history.


The fortified villages that have developed during the 13th and 14th centuries, are meant to make 21st century citizens feel a bit better, after the complex will charm them instantly. The walls of Po’ Sante di Sotto face the beautiful valley, while hiding 19 independent dwellings – all of which include a private entrance, with a shared park and pool.

The attention to details involved in this restoration was absolutely incredible and obvious on every level – from the layout of the rooms to the choices of materials. The walls are made of local stone, the floors are made of handmade tiles and the ceilings of wood.

All these retouches are in perfect sync with the style of the era, while modern comforts designed to complement the owners. Water, electricity, phone services and a heating system are somewhat ordinary equipment for a 21st century citizen but it’s not our times this place tries to emulate; and that’s a good thing.



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