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Greubel Forsey’s GMT Watch features a 3D world

By Adrian Prisca


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A brand new design of watches will soon be released on the market, bearing the signature of Greubel Forsey. Featuring a tri-dimensional spinning miniature globe and innovative time-zone determination, the new GMT Watch will be both exquisite and exceptionally useful.

This uniquely-designed gadget is stuffed with high-tech mechanisms and gadgetry. The backside of the watch comprises a rotating disk that has city names around the world engraved on it. The main aspect of the watch is the beautifully blue-painted globe on the front side of the watch, made of lightweight titanium, fastened at its south pole for greater visibility.

Another eye-catching visual aspect is the tourbillion movement under the glass. The globe rotates as the day passes by, making a complete rotation once every 24 hours. It’s very useful when in need of knowing which hemisphere is covered by night and which by daytime, thanks to the numbers painted in white over a black background disposed around the miniature 3D globe.

The themed related to the small globe is very neatly finished, the timepiece being provided with a lateral window that lets more light into the watch, illuminating parts of the little Earth, simulating daytime across its surface, also allowing for a better look over its southern hemisphere.

This device will surely not have its place among low-cost gadgets, due to the high usage of 18k gold, sapphire crystals, alligator leather and the complicated mechanism it comprises. With an unknown release date and price, we’re eagerly waiting to finding out.


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