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Gresso Avantgarde Regal Black luxury smartphone

By Adrian Prisca


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Gresso are back in our minds and dreams with a new addition to their Avantgarde collection of exquisite smartphones, the new Regal Black phone, a phone that’s even more stylish, faster and has more thinking capabilities than its predecessors. It bears influence from speed themes and the marine domain, boasting a deep black PVD surface that resembles luxury vessels.

The phone sports a good load of simplicity, antagonist to its interior complexity, through a tempered mineral glass and titanium casing sole entity look. A bit of tint was added through a newly-developed technology researched specifically for the Regal series, sharing a glass rich black tone. The phone’s keypad was made of special tempered steel, conferring the gadget a masculine, tough look.

Furthermore, the smartphone weighs 130 grams, measures 121 mm in length, 46 mm in width and 12 mm in thickness and runs on Symbian S40 operating system. The phone will be crafted as a limited edition of 333 units. Its price is set at $5,000 per piece, with availability starting during this year’s month of April.


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