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Green Magic Homes Allow Dreamers To Live In The Shire

By Victor Baker


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Green Magic Homes

After watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, many things have become painfully obvious; but, let’s focus on the less obvious, shall we? A lot of people realized they wanted to live inside a hobbit house, but that seemed to be nothing but a crazy dream, until now.

Green Magic Homes made the magic happen,  as they specialize in little arched structures that are made using “fiber reinforced polymer modular components”. This means that your future house in the shire will be incredibly durable, flexible and waterproof.

The company will also deliver whatever the customer will desire or request, while also keeping it all eco-friendly way possible.

Green Magic Homes

Resembling ‘the original’, these super cute houses make use of vault geometry and curves, with the earth berms and roof cover collaborating with the strength and stability of the structure. This means thermal insulation and carbon recycling, regardless of the site of your choice.

Furthermore, since they will become part of the earth, the houses delivered by the people at Green Magic Homes are actually tornado and hurricane resistant, which is always good news, especially if you consider that they come in various forms, including desert and snow.

If you plan on customizing your house, it will cost you just  1/ square-foot and a minimum order charge of $500. Who could argue with that?

Green Magic Homes

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