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Gray International Introduces an Indestructible iPhone 7 Case

Gray International iPhone 7 case

Gray International, a Singapore-based design company, has introduced a few years ago the Advent, a ravishing iPhone case that was machined from a single block of aerospace-grade titanium, to look discreet and luxurious at the same time, while keeping your precious iPhone safe and sound.

Priced at a cool $1,000, that wonderful case was even more expensive than the iPhone itself, and the good news is that it’s now back in our attention, in a new edition. Specially designed for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the new Advent Collection is slightly more affordable, and it’s limited to just 500 production models.

Produced from the same Grade 5 titanium, this indestructible case will be available in four different finishes: Satin, Stealth, Aurora and 24K Gold, each of them featuring a laser-engraved serial number and.. a precious machined black anodized display case, just in case you want to protect your case as well.

Gray International iPhone 7 case

Gray International wanted to find the perfect balance between subtleness, sophisication and a futuristic design with this bespoke case, and judging by the looks of it, they’ve managed to come up with a real stunner. As you can see from these photos, the Advent case is actually made of two brackets, which elevate your iPhone when it’s kept on a flat surface, to make sure it remains scratch-free for life.

It all seems amazing, but we’re just curious to see how it feels in our hands, while playing Clash of Clans, Mobile Roulette, Temple Run or Candy Crush Saga. We all do that, right? Another thing that’s really impressive about this case is its packaging too. It’s an anodized, precision-machined box, that shows off aerospace grade aluminum, complementing this case in just the right way.

And if you want even more goodies from Gray International, you should know they’ve also introduced a lovely pen called Shard, made from the same aerospace-grade titanium, to match your new iPhone case. The price for these iPhone cases range from $495 to $1,150 for the 24K gold version.

Gray International iPhone 7 case


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