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Gorgeous villa in the heart of Mallorca, Spain

By Adrian Prisca


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Luxury real estate developer Cosmopolitan Estates teamed up with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders and the architecture studio TecArchitecture to create the splendid Casa Son Vida on the island of Mallorca in Spain. This breathtaking villa is actually an incredible restoration project of a 60 year old house which was turned into a contemporary dream home for most of us.

We probably don’t need to describe this beautiful home when there are many photos that will surely convince you how amazing it is but we just can’t stop noticing how stunning it is. The exterior of the villa is really modern thanks to its rather usual shape with curved lines perfectly blended with straight corners, different windows shapes and a beautiful stairway that leads guests from the house to the lovely pool.

The contemporary look of the exterior was continued in the home’s interior where every room seems huge thanks to the clever furniture arrangements, the intensive use of white and big open spaces. You’ll get more ideas about this house by clicking on these thumbnails!


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