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Gorgeous Hanging Bed Designed By Wiktor Jażwiec

Hanging Bed

Sure, hammocks might be the coolest way to relax this summer, but if you ever dreamed of having a suspended bed in your house, this is as good as it gets. Wiktor Jażwiec, a young designer from Poland, has recently unveiled probably the most amazing hanging bed you’ll ever see, made-to-fit anyone and complete with gorgeous ambient lighting.

The stunning hanging bed can be enjoyed in two positions. The sleeping position means that the bed majestically floats 18 inches above the ground, while the pulled up position means that its mechanism will raise it high above, right under the ceiling. The size of the bed and materials used are highly customizable, so you can feel confident it will perfectly match your size and interior design.

Hanging Bed

The lovely hanging bed comes with an automatic up/down mechanism, adjustable back-lighting with multiple colors, and all components needed for assembly. Customers would need to install it themselves, while the mattress is not included. In case you were wondering, this unique hanging bed will set you back $2,797.67 and it’s worth every single penny.

Supposedly, the largest bed only weighs 80 kg, and comes with extra protection for when it is placed in the pulled up position. Various wood finishes, lacquers and high gloss paint options will allow anyone to turn this unique hanging bed into a focal point of their house. Plus, it will always be a great excuse for a must-needed nap.

Hanging Bed

[Etsy via LuxuryLaunches]



  1. Jan Tomas March 17, 2019

    This looks great for a tiny house – can you send me more information:

  2. Dennis May 13, 2020

    Can you send me more information please? Where can i buy this product?

  3. Wiktor September 22, 2020

    You can find me on instagram. Just Type “nightandaystudio” in the search field.


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