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Go Off-The-Grid With The SeaScape BMT Modular Villas

By Victor Baker


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There are various wonderful types of living, and also different kinds of luxury. If your particular brand of Vodka is living in a luxury pod, just off a private island, then we’ve got just the right thing for you. BMT Asia Pacific has developed this new, coastal living, concept which allows hotel developers to be flexible and deploy accommodations everywhere in the world, in the most unique unique manner.

This stylish and luxurious residential concept is called SeaScape, and it’s actually a mesmerizing floating neighborhood of incredibly beautiful villas. Penned down with supreme style in mind, featuring clean lines and open air spaces, these villas sit on a triangular pontoon base.

Each of these villas (or modules) can be either enjoyed standalone or as part of a larger floating complex that’s connected together, which is why we think SeaScape could be the next big thing for holiday makers. If you’re in an area without phone coverage, a good satellite phone could do the trick for you. 


This unique concept is luxurious in ways you could never imagine; for instance, there’s an underwater master bedroom that was imagined as a 4 m-diameter cylindrical room, built using high-grade acrylic to make sure it handles the pressure allowing you to have the most unique resort experience, right underwater.

Not that guests or owners would ever care, but SeaScape is also very functional. Its pre-fabricated parts will easily fit any standard shipping containers, which means it could be pretty cheap to transport and install as well. Come to think of it, this concept is as close to perfection as we could have ever imagined.


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